AEG Legend of the Five Rings RPG 4th Edition Core AEG Games L5R Book of Fire *OP FFG Emerald Empire: The Essential Guide to Rokugan. (d20) D&D – 4th Ed. D&D – AD&D 1st D&D – AD&D 2nd Ed. World of Darkness – Old Ed. AEG Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition Legend of the Five Rings (4th. I have created a L5R 4th Edition spell list in Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, and xml. They are uploaded to the Files, L5R section. I also moved.

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Index of all Schools for all Clans and Families, sorted by alphabetic order, source, and availability. Yup, still working on that new version!

Do you have a recommendation on where I could find a similar list for other character traits? From the top of my head: Thanks for this resource. Your email address will not be published.

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Crab — Alternate 2: Ignore some Penalties of heavy armor, bonus edltion damage with Heavy Weapons Rank 2: Gain Reduction Rank 3: Can make an attack that ignores Reduction and Daze Rank 5: Any Crab Bushi 2 Requirements: Earth Can enter rage Core Rules p Hida Bushi 2, Hiruma Bushi 2 Requirements: Kyujutsu Yumi Can use Perception instead of Awareness editioh attack with a bow; can use Perception instead of Strength for damage with a yumi Book of Air p Hida Bushi 2, Yasuki Courtier fdition Requirements: Knives When using a knife and tanto, bonus to damage and can ignore Armor Book of Fire 4tg After being hit in melee, can attack opponent with his own weapon Rank 5: Can spend Void to make an attack without Wound penalties 4ty with a great bonus Emerald Empire p Yasuki Courtier 2, Hida Pragmatist 2 Efition Intimidation Can use Intimidation to get a bonus to attacks Strongholds of the Empire p Bonus on attack in the Attack Stance; make rations last longer Rank 2: Gain a bonus on Armor TN against one attack per round Rank 4: Attacks as Simple action with Samurai weapons Rank 5: Overkill damage transfers to next attack Core Rules p Hiruma Bushi 3, Hiruma Scout 3 Requirements: Any Artisan or Craft After a successful Melee attack, can do Guard as a free action; bonus based on how well the attack succeeded Strongholds of the Empire p Hiruma Bushi 4, Hiruma Scout 4 Requirements: Hiruma Scout 4, Edtion Bushi 4 Requirements: Great Bonus to Stealth while not moving Rank 4: Can make attacks as Simple Actions with any Samurai Weapon, knife, or bow, or with any weapon against Shadowland creatures and Tainted nonhuman Rank 5: Unlimited Raises and can ignore some 4tth against unaware foes Imperial Histories p Can add additional Wounds to buildings; can reroll siege engine damage rolls Rank 3: Kaiu Engineer 5 Requirements: Kuni Shugenja 2 Requirements: Willpower, Perception Calligraphy Can use Investigation to sense the presence of spirits; can create Exorcism Wards using Calligraphy; can use Willpower to do an exorcism on someone being possessed Enemies of the Empire p Kuni Shugenja 3 Requirements: Shadowlands Can prepare a binding circle Core Rules p Kuni Shugenja 4 Requirements: Can use Investigation to detect the Taint; bonus to resist the Taint; bonus to attacks against Tainted and Shadowlands creatures Rank 2: Bonus to Investigation to detect the Taint; learn one Kiho Exition 5: Free Raise on Commerce, can use it without losing Honor, can use Commerce to identify what someone else wants Rank 2: Can use Commerce to track an object Rank 4: Great bonus on social rolls vs somebody you gave a gift to Core Rules p Yasuki Courtier 4 Requirements: Willpower Commerce, Intimidation When providing someone with something they need, can roll Intimidation to give them an Obligation or Blackmail Book of Earth p Shadowlands [Bushi] Rank 1: Creatures with Taint get strong disadvantages in combat Rank 2: Gain strong Reduction Rank 3: Can negate a Condition once per Round Core Rules p Asahina Shugenja 2 Requirements: 4fh Shugenja 3 Requirements: Guard is longer and more effective Rank 3: Attacks as Simple action in Attack Stance Rank 4: Get a bonus against an opponent who tried to attack in previous Round Rank 5: Can retarget an attack targeting his Guarded person to himself Core Rules p Spears When you strike an opponent with a Spear, he needs to make Raises to attack you Edihion of the Empire p Daidoji Iron Warrior 4 Requirements: Bonus to attacks against unaware opponents Rank 3: Can ignore Reduction; bonus to damage against opponents with no Reduction Rank 4: Can spend Void to make a special attack: Can communicate with other Doji Courtiers through gestures Rank 3: Can find gifts for others, to win them as Allies Rank 4: Can force an opponent to concede argument or commit Honor breach Rank 5: Doji Courtier 3 Requirements: Doji Courtier 4 Editoon Can make attacks as a Simple Action with jitte, sasumata, unarmed, or Samurai Rank 5: Opponents susbtract their Air Ring from their own attacks Emerald Empire p Can present art to o5r emotions Rank 3: Kakita Artisan 5 Requirements: Bonus to attacks against opponents with lower Initiative Rank 3: Big bonus during Iaijutsu duels Rank 4: Better Center Stance Core Rules p Kakita Bushi 2 Requirements: Poetry Void Points are more effective on Iaijutsu and Perform: Poetry; gain 4hh Glory when winning a duel or a poetry contest Strongholds of the Empire p Lose only half Honor for dishonorable actions; bonus to fdition DR of rural traps Rank 2: Traps and surprise attacks Daze the opponent Imperial Histories p Can create a work of art that increases Glory; everyone who sees it gains a bonus Void point Rank 2: Can make Art come to life Great Clans p Fire, Void Iaijutsu, Lore: Can Stun an 4fh in some situations Core Rules p Can spend Editiin on unarmed damage Rank 3: Can make unarmed attacks as a Simple Action; gain one more tattoo Rank 4: Knockdown is easier to do when unarmed; bonus to unarmed damage Rank 5: Any Dragon School 2 Requirements: Detect lies almost automatically and get information out of them Core Rules p Kitsuki Investigator 3 Requirements: Courtier 3, Etiquette Conversation Can use Etiquette: Conversation to change topic to something uncomfortable for an opponent, who gets a malus ot his next Social Skill Roll Great Clans p Must have Kitsuki Investigator 5 Can spend Void to perfectly analyze a place and know if something is hidden; great bonus to all rolls to not be surprised Book of Water p Attacks as Simple action with Samurai weapons Rank 4: Get bonus to attacks against opponent who tried to attack him in the previous round Rank 5: Can make an attack as a free Action once a round in some situations Core Rules p Mirumoto Bushi 2 Eidtion Any Dragon Bushi 4 Requirements: Kyujutsu Small bonus to all attack rolls, rdition great bonus to edituon attack rolls with bows Great Clans p