The story of Scott and Laci Peterson as told by those who lived it. South Africa ( English), Suisse (français), Suomi (suomi), Sverige (svenska). LACI is now hiring a Program Associate – Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP) in Los Angeles, CA. View job listing details and apply now. LACI is now hiring a Facilities & Sustainability Manager in Los Angeles, CA. View job listing details and apply now.

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The company also began work on a new cable to provide similar capability, launching the Shark cable in As part of this effort, the company turned to a number of noted lacci desig ners, such as Philippe Starck, who helped design a whole line of D2 p roducts in At the same time, LaCie enjoyed the exclusive rights to develop Appl e-branded external hard drives.

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The SCSI interface offer ed a second advantage in addition to transfer speed, in that several devices could be chained together to a single computer port. The relatively modest internal hard drives on most computers prove d inadequate for many data storage needs.

Infor example, the company made a brief foray into the af ter-sales repair sisse maintenance sector, buying up NATI. LaCie stored the secrets of success in the global PC peripherals market. The combined company now laid claim to being the largest aftermarket data storage supplier for the Apple computer market.

With its European sales growing strongly, D2 moved to still larger pr emises in the town of Massy, a Parisian suburb, in The company also responded to the develop ment of a new generation of high-speed transfer protocols with the la unch of its first Triple Interface hard drives, which featured USB 2. D2 became one of the first in Eur ope to exploit this new area of personal computing. Limits to wage claims protected by means of a privilege and by a guarantee institution.


Le droit du travail en Suisse | Le droit du travail en Suisse, simplement

LaCie expanded beyond its core European and American markets as well, adding a Japa nese subsidiary that year. Claims lxci by a guarantee institution — Severance pay. D2 attacked a major limitation of IBM and Windows-based personal comp uters, which often lacked the physical capacity and software resource s to house both the traditionally parallel port used primarily for p rinters and a SCSI port.

We are committed to strengthening our paci as a leader among mul timedia professionals, and being the sisse with technological and vis ually innovative solutions. At the same time, the relia nce on personal computers also highlighted the need to safeguard data through the creation of backup copies. An important factor in LaCie’s continuing success was its ability to adapt to the changing computer market.

The company continued its expansion, adding a subsidiary in Milan, It aly, and Madrid, Spain, in More suissr products emerged from LaCie’s research and developmen t department in The Government is also requested to continue to provide information on the case law of the Federal Tribunal which might have an impact on the implementation of the Convention.


The development of a consumer market for high-capacity, high-speed st orage devices encouraged LaCie to launch itself into the retail chann el for the first time in Increases in computer technology, p articularly the development of faster processors and more powerful gr aphics cards, introduced a new range of possibilities for professiona ls. The development of such high -speed protocols has proved a boon for the company, enabling external peripherals–the company’s core niche–to achieve transfer speeds ri valing those of internal computer components.

Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Pierre Fournier and Philippe Spruch spotted a niche opportunity in th e computer market in the late s. In October of that year, the company launched another innovation, the Suises Orange USB drive, which, at th e size of a credit card, plugged into a computer’s USB port, with dat a storage ranging up to eight gigabytes. Show my email publicly. xuisse


As external sjisse, the company’s products were by nature exposed to view. LaCie launched its Big Disk inan external suissse drive featuring gigabytes of capacity. Type the code shown: The emphasis on design played an important role in the group’s success: Thi s is what drives the innovation and richness of our market. Of importance, the company wor ked to reduce its reliance on the Apple computer market into the late s, in part to distance itself from Apple’s own struggles at the time, but also to take advantage of the surge in the worldwide PC mar ket.

Suisse, Tribunal fédéral, Ire Cour de droit social , Arrêt du 5 novembre , 8C /

In order to fuel further growth, D2 brought in external investors, selling a 10 percent stake to venture capital group 3i Investors in Industry that year. It has not been made clear, however, whether severance pay being separate from compensation for unfair dismissal is actually among the wage claims covered by the insolvency protection regime, as required under Article 12 d of the Convention. The company also continued to expand its international network, adding a subsidia ry in Dusseldorf, Germany inand subsidiaries in The Netherland s and Switzerland in EPLex Employment protection legislation database.