Zoo City [Lauren Beukes, Justine Eyre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lauren Beukes’s Arthur C Clarke Award-winning novel set in a. Zoo City is the Arthur C Clarke Award winning novel by South African Author, Lauren Beukes. NIROXprojects put together a Zoo City-inspired exhibition at Arts on Main in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct with a bunch of amazing artists, curated by Ann.

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On the plus side, each has a special semi-magical talent.

Urban Animals: Zoo City-inspired exhibition – Lauren Beukes Lauren Beukes

Und im Kontrast dazu auch ein bisschen pulp, ein bisschen flippig. The story is set in South Africa in the approximate present, with technology and the local and global social structures recognizably current. Using traditional gumshoe methods, she works up the usual range of subjects posing as a journalist, giving us a tour of the music scene and the lifestyles of the haves and have nots.

I read this directly after finishing “Moxyland” and my wild enthusiasm for Lauren Beukes is not abating! South African born and bred, Werner is a graphic designer and illustrator working in a little town smack dab in the middle of Mpumalanga.

The book starts with one of Zinzi’s clients she specializes in finding lost things being gruesomely murdered, and because the crime scene is described in such detail, and Zinzi herself beukez temporarily suspected of doing it, it seems like finding the murderer, or finding out why the woman was killed, is what the plot will be about. Well conceived and well constructed, it also has deep veins of language, violence and sexual situations, so caveat luren.


REVIEWED Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

Zinzi gained her Sloth because her brother died over something she did, which makes sense her whole background makes sense, even. In a form of animals.

For me the unique world-building and characterizations are what made the novel. Jul 16, Jess The Bookworm rated it really liked it. Zinzi December is an aposymbiot: Published April 29th by Angry Robot first published Zoo City is an excellent urban fantasy, a subgenre I rarely read as too many of those are YA vampire romances.

The novel’s chief protagonist, Zinzi December, is a former journalist and recovering drug addict who was “animalled” to a sloth after getting her brother killed.

For me, it would have been much more satisfying had the “rules” been made clear, though.

I promise you it will all be worth it in the end. Instead of a tour ciy a corporate-dominated near future, Beukes spins a bit of alternate history our way.

Could that be a reference neukes Zinzi’s besetting sin, the moral laziness that is eating her hollow, as she sinks ever deeper into nasty petty crime, in a failed recovery from drug addiction and prison? Thanks goes to Netgalley and the publisher! Her female characters are strong, flawed and cynical, but above all realistic and relatable.

The fantasy elements, primarily the animals, are a tool used to tell the story, and it’s really interesting, but unlike some urban fantasy books, it isn’t all that’s going in here. It felt like an overly awkward way to tell the whole story – fine for chapters in which it was necessary, but that certainly wasn’t the case ever Oh, Zinzi.

She’s clever and resourceful, but she has flaws and a past and issues. I do really, really want a sloth. This was interesting to me, since becoming a Zoo is all about feeling guilt and not about whether you’re really culpable of whatever you feel guilty about.


Trivia About Zoo City. It is set in South Africa but the place setting is very much inner city American ghetto. I listened to the audio, and Justine Eyre does a great job interpreting all the different African accents in the book, from Nigerian to Kenyan to South African.

In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook As I do, it says “Exterminate!

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes – review | Books | The Guardian

A book set in a version of my home city with an interesting premise and great reviews! She’s contracted by a music producer to find a the female half of a young twin Afropop sensation iJusi, who has gone missing. This is a particularly smooth genre-meshing urban fantasy noir SF horror, and if you don’t like my description, then go read it and figure out your best fit. So what better time to read it then for this challenge?

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes – review

For Zinzi, her power lies in getting mental pictures of things that people have lost, a skill she harnesses to make a living. There were parts Lauden couldn’t quite fathom, not being familiar with South African customs, places, and pop culture whether real or imaginary.

I could not connect to Zinzi at all. The setting is present-day Johannesburg, but in this alternate reality, a couple of decades ago, something strange started happening. May beuoes, The Captain rated it really liked it Shelves: