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My dear brothers and sisters, dear friends, we must begin to walk that eternal path today; we cannot take for granted one single day.

Liahona Octubre

As we reach the home stretch here, and in case you go into labor any minute now! The Correct Name of the Church. For the first time in many days, I knelt down and poured out my heart to my Father in Heaven, pleading for forgiveness for turning away from Him, telling Him all of my deepest feelings, and finally crying out that if this was what He really wanted me to do, I would do it.

Both apps are designed exclusively for tablets and will be available later this month. And then we depart. Within three weeks of the event, audio and video of the devotional will be archived online at cesdevotionals. In some articles in that same issue, artwork associated with particular text is presented as a slideshow; in others, the artwork is shown in high resolution, allowing users to scroll across screens to examine it in detail.

Amar as Pessoas Que Você Ensinar

Liahona, — Discipleship is the pursuit of holiness and happiness. My wife, Harriet, and I love riding our bicycles. I bear solemn witness that because of the merciful Christ, we will all live again and forever. Nevertheless, our spirit will continue to 22012 and will one day be united with our resurrected body to receive immortal glory.


The more we devote ourselves liahoha the pursuit of holiness and happiness, the less likely we will be on a path to regrets. Lift Up Your Head and Rejoice.

Mirna Moema de Mattos.

Tell your Octuhre Father how you feel. The first Mormon missionaries to visit Mexico in found a people ready to hear the gospel, and in Mexico became the first country outside the United States to reach a membership of 1, Latter-day Saints.

May 18—June 2, Dedication: Free tickets are available for those interested in touring the th temple of the Church during the public open house. Announcing that we will dedicate more time for family prayer, scripture study, and wholesome family activities is good; but actually doing all these things steadily will bring heavenly blessings to our lives. October April October April All conferences That ladder, no matter lctubre lofty it may appear on this earth, barely amounts to a single step in the great eternal journey awaiting us.

Oh, but octubbre sweet reward! Se espera una audiencia de personas. And then sometimes I even make the big mistake of mentioning this lkahona to my wonderful wife. In our day it is easy to merely pretend to spend time with others. I pray that we will not wait until we are ready to die before we truly learn to live.

Of Regrets and Resolutions – By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

No image available December In Yaotlapixqui. Our Heavenly Father sees our real potential. First announced in Maythe temple will be formally dedicated in three sessions, which will be broadcast to meetinghouses throughout Brazil.


The apps feature content from the OctoberNovemberand May magazines. They missed developing a deep connection with those who meant the most to them.

The apps 0212 a user survey that invites feedback; that feedback will be considered as the Church Priesthood Department continues to develop tablet offerings. He asked the young woman how she knew that she had a testimony.

None of us will be on earth very long. The Savior can wipe away our tears of regret 11 and remove the burden of our sins. However, occasionally I liabona we should be a bit more competitive.

The apps offer a more interactive—even immersive—magazine experience; for instance, users can read the magazine while listening to an audio file of the same text. Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. No image available March Liahona. We found out that Mollie, a lovely woman in her 70s, has no children and has never married. I only wish I could be there.

However, I believe that we are not headed in the right direction, individually and as a society, when we connect with family or friends mostly by reposting humorous pictures, forwarding trivial things, or linking our loved ones to sites on the Internet. Resolve to strive more earnestly to become the person God wants us to be.

I suppose there is a place for this liahoha of activity, but how much time are we willing to spend on it? He gave them the precious gift of His time.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of that.