This is a list of notable Arnis systems and practitioners. Contents. 1 Practiced/ Practitioners in Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Joy. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Jon Escudero.

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This can only be done through constant conditioning and high repetitions of the strikes in various patterns and in different positions. December 7, in EventsRamblings Tags: At face value, it may look almost just like any other FMA system but for those who can see minute differences, one can see the preferences for the use of Serrada as a predominant strategy in the same way Praksyon gives Kali Ilustrisimo its trademark and the way strikes are delivered.

Lightning Scientific Arnis | Lightning Combatives

Do you want to add a disarm, takedown, throw? This way you know who is directing the action. In response to this situation, several of the remaining students banded together in order to continue the legacy of Mang Ben and to promote and propagate their beloved style.

Your name or email address: Email required Address never made public. In advanced sciehtific the empty had will be replace by a dagger to escalate the technology eventually as the practitioner progresses through the discipline. Pages using web citations with no URL All articles with self-published sources Articles with self-published sources from December This site uses cookies.

You probably wouldn’t be able scieentific find the book out of print. Dojo Festival is an annual festival where many groups of martial artists come together as a little weekend community sharing in several martial arts related activities. Yes, my password is: Serrada is a fundamental concept in Lightning Scientific Arnis and governs virtually all applications of the movements of the system.


Lightning Scientific Arnis..???

These were some of my happiest times-travelling around Manila in a jeepney,Manila traffic and all. ShaunNov 24, Retrieved from ” https: It is impossible to preempt or overwhelm your opponent without the prerequisite strength, endurance, fitness or awareness of his movements.

We train so that instinct scientifix experience together can help up us in making life changing decisions. In addition to thoroughly drilling basic motions, in Lightning Scientific Arnis a significant portion of training time is spent on physical conditioning, with speed and impact in mind.

I remember seeing a slight, quiet man with a ready smile, working hard ranis one of the officials in an Arnis tournament last year. I think these 2 just fell in love. It is about understanding that deepens with testing yourself.

One application of Serrada may be applied if you have superior attributes and skills. I just went to one of the websites that Buwaya posted which by the way was very informative!

Grandmaster Labaniego, fondly called Mang Bert.

Svientific is about skill that improves with age. And so the trip is coming to llightning close and I shall be heading home soon. Currently, there are member clubs and practitioners all over the Philippines and in different parts of the world.

A transferable skill to different combinations of weapon sets. A heavy emphasis is placed upon the physical fitness and athleticism of the practitioner since the mindset predisposes the fighter to aggressively charge in and overwhelm the opponent.

I have some old lionheart video footage with him in it and he didn’t seem that old?? In addition, there is a clear delineation between blade movements and stick movements when training.


Philippine Embassy Tel Aviv. My connection with Tom goes way back to when I was still starting out in college days.

Time flies when your having fun scientifuc we do get a lot of that as we spent nearly every day of almost as month just smacking each other around. Stance — The weapon is placed across the torso in a backhand chamber, thus closing the body. Lightning Scientific Arnis stands out as a system because of the heavy emphasis on high speed, high magnitude strikes fired in barrages as scjentific as its concept of Serrada.

Lightning Scientific Arnis..??? | FMATalk

But life, being finite and all, we all will have to walk this road on our own eventually. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat Mang Bert has had to use his highly developed skills in many real-life encounters with the bolo long working swordknife, ice pick, and empty hands.

The opponent is not able to react or counter attack as you are commanding the timing and disrupting their balance. This is a list of notable Arnis systems and practitioners. January 24, in Events Tags: Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Its the same person unfortunately. This article will focus on how power, speed, the concept of Serrada and physical fitness play important roles in the impact portion of the system. Ideally, an altercation should end quickly with a quick burst of strikes, rather than getting into a long exchange of blows with your aggressor.