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As can be seen, some numerical notations recur identically on some coins of the issue of figure no. But are they really numbers, is not the volume of coins excessive for the city of Massalia? It is a method we follow unconsciously even nowadays: The reference to Zeus is confirmed by the issue symbol: Both in Corinth26 and in Velia27 in some issue groups we find written in the same way and thus in a disconnected manner the two symbols of the numerical notation: As can be seen, Cantilena and Carbone correlate the affixing of letters in alphabetical sequence on the dies with a lucasyshem programmed production of currency: We then look for elements in epigraphic sources that help distinguish numbers from letters.

Artemide Aste, Asta 21E, Marchmoneta 4 Is this a legitimate supposition? Alla scoperta delle notazioni numeriche riportate sulle monete greche, Editrice Diana, Cassino. Cstalogo Numismatik, Auction 86, 5 Maylot 2.

On other coins of the same issue coin no.

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The overlapped numbers in the numerical notation on the reverse of the coin no. As seen, there are enough elements to believe that the monograms on the Massaliote coins are numbers indicating the edition of various issues.

Las tout le texte est interdite. On the reverse in the exergue we find another way to reach thedrachms amount minted: And also in Massalia we find this type of alphabetical numbering with double letters as is attested by a sequence that starts with AA and finishes with ZZ some elements are proposed in figure no. Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger, Auction8 Maylot 2. It was very important in antiquity, as in the agreement at the end of the 5th century BC between Phokaia and Mytilene.

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On the reverse of the coin no.

KraayOxford 7. Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 64, 24 Sept. For Depeyrotp. The numerical notation for the half edition 30, drachms is expressed in three alternative ways and in two different ways for the final edition 60, drachms while in the numeral sequence number 8 returns many times: British Museum Collection 6. The text transcript of an Egyptian papyrus dated 86 BC, under the reign of Ptolemy IX, containing a payment order for a banker which says: VAuctions, Auction5 Maylot 16, Solidus Numismatik, Online Auction 9, 8 Oct.

The first numerical target indicates coin no. In fact, Massalia’s reverse dies had to mint small drachms with an average 16 mm diameter, while those from Athens had to mint big tetradrachms with a double diameter 31mm: In Latin, then, exactly as it was in the reconstruction of the numerical sequences on the Massalia coins, to understand the order of sizes of which we are talking about, we must contextualize every single lcasystem The author described the lifespan, character, teachings, wars, and the virtues of the Prophet of Islam.

While in the Athenian Tribute List no one had a doubt that what came after the word that indicated the Aphytis citizens was a number, because it was something already studied and ascertained. Silver staters minted in Poseidonia Lucania in BC.

Sirate mustafa urdu pdf

Pegasos flying left; archaic letter koppa below. In particular we can observe the large amount of obverse dies and reverse dies used to www. For example, semel sestertium is the same as semel centena millia sestertium.

Silver didrachms minted in Velia Lucania in BC. In Massalia, then, to mintdrachms 9 obverse dies were used: The Athenian Tribute List of the year particular. Classical Numismatic Group, Triton I,lot 7.


Luca System – History of ECS

Waddell, Ltd, lotApr. The amount of 30, drachms, that corresponds to the exact half of the issue, is indicated in three different ways: The different groups of sequentially minted coins are numbered13 consecutively in a sequence that runs from 1 to The book Seerat e Halbiya Urdu pdf contains lifespan, wars, characters, events, and the preaching of Islam.

All these progressive numeral notations19 were recorded because it helped to keep count of the pieces gradually minted since they made specific recognizable groups of coins that would otherwise be merged into one indistinguishable and single mass. A well-defined progression with not only three figures but with fourteen different number notations are found in the issue of figure no.

Even in the last decades of the 5th century BC in the nearby town of Poseidonia, an issue of staters was minted and identified by a letter in alphabetical sequence on lucasystwm obverse and reverse die of the issue6 figure no. The biggest yield of the reverse dies used in Massalia 10, coins mintedcompared to that used in Athens 1, coins mintedis explained by their different dimensions.

And whether Titus Livius has conformed to this use in the middle of the text written on papyrus or parchment, let’s just imagine if the Massalia minters did not take advantage of carrying such big numbers on a little coin with only a 16 mm diameter To be sure that the talent symbol is correctly interpreted on the reverse of the coin no.

Furthermore, the two systems are seen side by side in a number of papyrus-rolls written in Greek found at Herculaneum: Bronze lucasysgem minted in Massalia Gaul in BC.