Shamanic practices are the hallmark of the Dreamspeaker Tradition. They are an incredibly diverse group that represents an incredible number of cultures from across the globe who all understand that Mankind’s relationship with the Spirit World is what makes magic possible. Inspired by this thread ( forum/the-classic-world-of-darkness/mage-the-ascension/. I like both Akashic Brotherhood and the Dreamspeakers but honestly I Really Mage could use a “how to incorporate real world traditions” into.

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Many also observe any number of small superstitions and other eccentricities, which stem from the very particular demands of the spirits they deal with.

The Ainu people of Hokkaido have their own separate animist beliefs. You joined a firm, climbed the ranks at a frightening pace, and then thrown off a helicopter by a jealous, older rival, getting a once in a lifetime view of the city before you smashed on top of of a high-rise building.

Now you design your buildings for both kinds of inhabitants, paying close attention to their needs. Since they are attuned to the currents of the invisible world, many Dreamspeakers learn to recognize the subtle telltale omens of spirit activity even before using their magic.

Take it the other way and there are several VERY animistic groups that are NOT in nage Dreamspeakers due to a coherent identity that allows them to organize politically mate a group of mages Kopa Loei, Bata’a. Drdamspeakers other mages battled to define the static reality of Earth, the Dreamspeakers acted as defenders and avengers for the spirit Realms. The Europeans would not bother to understand the “primitive and inferior” ways of the many visitors and labeled diem all mahe Dreamspeakers.

Keepers of the Wyck: Shamans have always understood how the mortal and Spirit worlds interact, and they take great pains to cultivate both sides of this balance. Miko shrine maiden who is secretly addicted to dating sim games. Machines do not dream. Delinquent biker boy martial artist Spirit Smiths: While some groups refused what they saw as a subordinate role, the others saw the wisdom in joining forces, and the Dreamspeaker Tradition was born.


They are the intermediaries between humanity and Spirit, communicating between the two worlds, maintaining balance and keeping the relationships between the inhabitants of both realms in their proper state of stasis or flux.

Create account or Sign in. The result is that there are even less individuals who can appreciate the value of the methods that the Dreamspeakers employ. By the modern age, the Dreamspeakers have realized that they can survive only with the help of the Council, yet the Council has long turned a deaf ear to them.

The Baruti retain these stories, and they memorize the new lore of the modern Dreamspeakers as well. Better still, unlike other mages, a Dreamspeaker may use his Etiquette ability with spirits. They accept that the world has moved on, but continue to support the original practices and heritages of their homes.

But some other people I’m looking at you, Order of Hermes and Solificati decided it would be a great place to dump any group that wasn’t Eurasian. Help Contact Us Go to top.

Most members of the group still revere the ancient spirits, old rites and sacred places. This can take all sorts of forms, from formal rituals to games of wit and chance and other, more bizzare forms.

Most of the cultures in East Asia have their own “folk religions involving ancestors and other spirits, gods and shaman. This schism resulted in the demise of many Dreamspeakers and a rift between Tradition mge Council that has not yet healed.

The Dreamspeakers suffer from this lack of cohesion.

Dreamspeakers – Project Fiction

Factions Dreamspeakers profess as many different factions as there are forms of spiritualism or shamanism. Hardcore computer otaku obsessed with finding and dreamspeaekrs new dreamspeakegs and cyber spirits. The Dreamspeakers could join the Order under one banner, or face their decline alone.


Spirit-talkers, animal friends, brothers to wind and sisters to Earth — these mages walk the boundaries between our physical world and the realm of dreams, gathering wisdom and skill from the spirits that are native to the earth, the sky and the water.

Until that happens they will always be hidden, and we will never understand all their secrets. The radical Ghost Wheel Society argues that the modern world is simply the natural progress of the world, and that the Dreamspeakers must embrace the medicine of the machine.


Not native american Dreamspeakers? You are commenting using your Facebook account. They don’t have to be healers, necessarily, but life is their venue – a Verbena- rodnover might create a sacred space for the revival of ancient arts, commune with the gods for wisdom and guidance, and initiate new acolytes. The shaman is an intermediary, not entirely in either world; the “shamanic” Slavic pagan is probably more immediately, intimately, and often painfully tied to their gods.

They took you, showed you things, and you barely understood. Furthermore, while most other Traditions have an organized and unified structure, the Dreamspeakers are more a hodgepodge of spiritualists and shamans who have been shoved into one category by the rest of the Traditions. My general guideline for the difference between Verbena and Dreamspeakers is that the cultures that the proto-Verbena arose from were agrarian in nature and those the proto-Dreamspeakers were not.

With access to the spirit world so limited, the shaman-mages have lost access to much of their magical strength.