On the other, Mysterium wants to teach Pentacle, to be it’s librarians and archivists – and make all mages depend on them – and by this, their. The members of the Mysterium believe their order to be the purest, because it shuns mundane power. These mages prefer to seek pure magical knowledge. Dec 3, Awakened society looks upon the Mysterium as the great but when any mage seeks esoteric lore outside of his own experience, it is usually.

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With other mages, favors will most likely be the price of anything they are willing to hand out. Next up, the Silver Ladder!

Outsiders requesting assistance though are definitely going to get charged. Lastly, does a character need to have at least the same level of Order Status as each level of Egregore, or does Mysterium Status 1 permit purchase of all levels of Egregore? Maybe they have something better to do. Second, Mystagogues might not share information easily, but they will never lie about magic, as they believe this hurts magic itself.

The members of the Mysterium believe their order to be the purest, because it shuns mundane power.

Mystagogues are initiated into greater levels of trust as they advance, but are expected to uncover arcane secrets of equivalent value or to dedicate their lives to preserving them. He soothsays the layout of city streets and programming codes. Ignorance, then, is more than a practical disadvantage. Now I think one automatic sucesses per member joining ritual is the way to go with Egregore!

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All the Orders tend to teach some basic rotes even to Apostates, basic survival stuff. Free Council’s Lore Houses are all about money and Tass – it’s logical and easily to understand. I use idea of Atheneum all the time – but the problem I have is with the “cost” of it’s service. The Merit in the GMC rules just says you apply Status to any social roll against people in the group.

These mages prefer to seek pure magical knowledge. Unlike Free Council Lorehouses, these are secret installations where mystagogues meet to secure and catalogue their finds.

This is the most important mission in the world to them. That depends entirely on Gnosis; Gnosis 3 takes an hour. And that costs time. But in contrast, time becomes more important. This reflects their resources in magical items and services provided. Arcane lore is dangerous and is only acquired at great cost.

An aethenaeum usually takes alot of resources and work to maintain so instead of paying in knowledge a mage should be able to pay in services for the aethenaeum; paying rent and cleaning duty for a time, repairing the roof, renewing wards, contributing mana for artifacts and imbued items, copying, performing a fetchquest, promising to help on a dig, convincing the heiarch to donate her journal when she dies.

To make dangerous knowledge be available only to limited. Where is that stated?

[MTAw] The Magicians (TV Show) and Mysterium : WhiteWolfRPG

So it’s quite likely, that the athenaeum employs sleepwalkers to help out or uses low ranking members for these chores He may allocate his dots in devcom as such: The secrets of magic can even be found in modern architecture, film and in the sprawling Internet. The first magical tool your character uses in a spell counts as a dedicated magical tool.


These situations require considerable street savvy, and some of the newest members are recruited to fill this growing niche. That is not a big ask. With it, she knows the secrets of the universe and the fundamental problems affecting humanity.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

Originally posted by Toine View Post. Typically mages work with a mage educated in fate to ensure favors paid, elsewise they might have to wait for the possibly corrupt council to take lengthy periods of time addressing debtors. The AwakeningOpen Development. These Regions operate under a different governing system, like the scales of aletheia structure in Sanctum and Sigil, but with little concern for balance, and more for profit. I get a two dot merit for three dots than only works for one topic.

Some knowledge is too dangerous for general consumption or too valuable to just give away. Of course a group of powerful mages can achieve anything on their own. Stuff that Sleepers would know is generally called exoteric knowledge.

The secrets of Atlantis are encoded in oral tradition and ancient customs.