The MagicQ software includes the latest heads (personalities). To download an updated set of heads for your MagicQ install, refer to the instructions below. This manual is designed for operators of the MagicQ to help them quickly and effectively learn how to use the system. It has been written by. Magicq user manual • Read online or download PDF • ChamSys MagicQ User Manual User Manual.

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Mnaual on Mac 2. Manual configuration of Playback synchronisation. Resetting a MagicQ console to factory defaults MagicQ responding slowly Using MagicQ with other Visualisers Recalling a Group 6. Including Cues into the Programmer Backing up to an external system Default Cue Stacks MagicQ on Windows 2.

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Starting magic New Show 6. Enabling the remote input in MagicQ Manual configuration of Multi Console operation Pan and Tilt Offsets 7. Using shows on different MagicQ products and show versions Hot take-over can be used in two ways – depending on what you wish to happen when the main console becomes available again. Duplicate elements in Palettes Enabling the serial port Care of your MagicQ console 1.

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Synchronisation can be set for individual playbacks, or for all 10 main playbacks. FX View Defaults Only Audio Sound FX Cues Copying Cue Stacks What is in the programmer? Removing Values from the Programmer A MagicQ console is considered a Slave if all universes that are configured as hot takeover universes are currently disabled — the console is not outputting to the network on these universes.

Viewing Intensities in the Outputs Window 9. Files will not be copied from consoles that do not have this set e.

Chamsys magicq mini wing manual meat ** – AP Accademia

Editing a curve Group Masters Inhibit Masters Discovering and configuring devices Using the Scene Setter Remote control of MagicQ Wing Playbacks Pages MagicQ on Linux 3. The synchronisation of show data is separate to synchronisation of show playback state and hot takeover. MagicQ not responding In manual mode, when MagicQ determines that it should take over a universe it will load a snapshot of the last data from that universe into its Programmer.


Power Supply Protection 1.

Parking freezing channels Copying and Moving Cues Making changes to multiple Cues At any one time, one of the consoles will run as the master, with all universes enabled. MagicQ Short Cuts Naming a Group 6. Remote control using Nagicq Wand simulator Setting levels whilst running a show 8.

Whenever there is no ArtNet traffic on the network for a particular universe, the back-up console starts sending data for that universe. Removing Cues and Cue Stacks Resetting the Console 1.

Customising Locate, Default, Highlight and Lowlight values 7.